The Parachute Diaries: Closing Thoughts

This was my first Parachute as a twenty-something year old and not a teenager. And yes you do notice the age difference.

Having said that it was probably the most enjoyable Parachute that I have been to.

It wasn’t the biggest or best Parachute as far as the band line up goes.

However it was the Parachute that I have got the most into. The one that I have had the most fun at. And the one that I have been myself the most at.From arriving on Friday not knowing where my mates were tenting, through to chilling with newly made friends. From being crushed in moshpits to having full on moments with God at Kutless and The Ember Days.

Will I go again next year? Well I didn’t buy my ticket in advance despite the great price ($99, instead of the $150+). I will wait to see who is playing and see what else I am doing at the time.

But this past weekend has been what I needed. I needed to find myself again and I did. I needed to be myself again and I did. I needed to rest in God and I did.

This past weekend hasn’t made me a better person. But it has reignited my fire for God. I feel physically tired but spritiuality I have just been woken up.