Thoughts on the new Toll Road

Okay the Northern Gateway Tollroad opened yesterday and until midnight tonight it is free to drive on. I found this out when I got back from Parachute so went for a quick spin this evening.

These are my thoughts:

  • For a $2 toll it would be worth traveling on as it cuts out a lot of hills, time and distance. It probably pays for itself through the amount of petrol that it saves.
  • However the toll road itself is not hill free, it may be smooth but some of those are hills are still steep.
  • They have had to move an insane amount of dirt to build the road, and I don’t know much about protecting the environment all I saw was bare cliffs, it needs some major landscaping and regrowth.
  • Tunnels are a little bit over hyped, they are short, and nowhere near as cool as the Terrace Tunnel in Wellington.
  • I was laughing at the turn around point at the end of the tunnels for rubber neckers like me who just went on it just to check it out.
  • I object to it being labeled State Highway One. The State Highway network should be free to drive on, by having it tolled it is effectively a private road, and therefore should not be officially considered a part of the State Highway network. But that is a minor rant.
  • Overall, a nice road, and good time saver, but very over rated.