Happy Almost 4th Birthday

On the 17th of June this website will be 4 years old.

So in light of that I thought I would blog some interesting analysis from the last few years.

Firstly two past screenshots of the layouts:

Mid 2006 – Website Layout Version 2

Late 2006 – Website Layout Version 3

This website in its current format is the 4th version, I unfortunately have no screenshot of the original layout.

The website has changed a bit over the years, primary from a static portfolio of work, to a more dynamic blog orientated website.

But what is most interesting (IMHO) is the visitor stats:


The growth in visitors has been amazing, with a current average of around 5,500 visits per month.


Second the number of pages accessed per month. At the moment somewhere between 20,000 – 25,000 per month. This varies a lot more than the visitor count because primarily being blog driven the more fresh the content is (and the more posts that I blog) in a set month typically the higher the number of page visits for that month.

I have really only been paying attention to the stats for a few months now, so what will be more interesting is where things are in 12 months time.