This Is It – a concert experience truly for the fans

I saw Michael Jackson’s This Is It film last night.

I believe it puts to rest any questions about the King of Pop’s creative talent or health issues. He still had it. While he was thin he was healthy enough to out dance and many of the younger back up dances and demand perfection on every beat and note of every song.

The film shows just how spectacular the concerts would have been. Combine Pink Floyd’s The Wall dramatic concerts with U2’s 60m LED Curtin from their Vertigo tour and that will give you an idea of just how much more thanĀ  music concert This Is It would have been live.

This Is It runs for two hours and does not miss a beat it is so much more than just a film of a dress rehershal, we are fortunate that the practices were filmed on multiple days from multiple angles. All of this comes together fantastically, in addition to this a number of videos that would have been used on the LED screens during the concert are included as well as behind the scenes footage.

Even if you have just a passing interest in Michael Jackson this is a film to see. It was a pity that NZ audiences are so quiet, the film got a clap from about half the audience at the end, however, I am sure that in some places you would have people dancing in the isles.