3 Replies to “Not in Kansas anymore”

  1. ask the environmentalists if they enjoyed their stay in Chernobyl 😉

    Someone think of the kids! Where will kids with 6 toes get shoes?

  2. It isn't something you see here, but maybe something we should be thinking about. Nuclear power has risks, but could potentially save a buttload of carbon output (though admittedly, round these parts we could probably go 100% renewable without nuclear, with a little work).

  3. Yeah I have mixed views myself about Nuclear Power.

    In NZ I agree that we don't need it we have the ability to naturally generate 100% of our power. The reality is politicians and others need to get off their backside and actually put their money where their mouth is when it comes to actually doing stuff about it.

    In Aussie I can see the benefits of Nuclear Power. And it is completely safe. IF you take humans out of the equation. The two nuclear accidents at Four Mile Island and Chernobyl were both caused by humans overriding the computer controls. Never has a computer caused a nuclear meltdown at a plant. The question is how do you make a power plant that has no human control ever, and ensure that there is no bugs in the software?

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