April Blog Stats

Despite being incredibly busy during April and having little time to write many posts the number of visitors remained very strong.

Raw Visits: 5993 (down 2% on March)

Raw Page Views: 17642 (up 1.5%)

Google Analytics Visitor Count: 2184 (down 3.5%)

Google Analytics Page Views Count: 2935 (down 11%)

RSS Feed Views: 4009 (up 44%)

Estimated true number of visitors (Google Visitor Count + RSS Feed): 6193 (up 23%)

It is very difficult to extract all the robots polluting my data especially around reading the RSS feed. Looking at the figures my best bet is I am getting around 3,500 true visitors to my site through both directly loading the site and RSS. At the moment close to half my data each month is being spent on identified robots some of which I may start to block if they continue to consume too much data.