Random goings-on in life

I really haven’t blogged much in the last twelve months. There have been times I have bookmarked some stuff to comment on but by the time I have decided to blog about it the moment or issue has passed.

Anyway at the moment my head is a mixup of random comments and thoughts about lots of things going on, so I thought I would just post them all down in one random blog post to get it out there:

  • When was the last weekend in Sydney that it didn’t rain! I’ve just got home from a walk and I am soaked.
  • I have started writing up my thesis and will hopefully be completed mid year. At this stage I have just cracked through 16,000 words and 70+ pages which is now the longest document I have ever written. I am sure I will come back later in the year and laugh at celebrating 16,000 words but right now it is a small win.
  • The first race of this year’s V8 Supercar season kicks off this afternoon. I am pretty happy that Shane van Gisbergen is on pole. With the new manufacturers in the game my loyalty is Holden, Ford, Mercedes, Nissan. I think the new merc looks and sounds amazing, but I bleed red and won’t openly cheer for anything but Holden.
  • I am currently reading the book Losing the head of Philip K. Dick. which is about android-like robots. It is a rather interesting read, however, I am getting both humour and frustration out of the portrayal of artificial intelligence, engineers and scientists in the book as it is written by a psychology perspective.
  • I have finally got a Kindle Paperwhite, so far I am using it to read every morning, the screen is amazing, lying in bed in low morning light and being able to see the text without any light on, or super bright screen glare is awesome.
  • I’ve been thinking recently about the things that give you geek cred after a 12 year old app developer spoke at TED, while I haven’t seen the video I remember two highlights of geekiness from my childhood include learning HTML and building websites at 11 years old and hacking a firmware update to my family’s internet router when I was 16 so that when they powered it off it wouldn’t reset all their account information.
  • I got myself a NLT bible, for lent I have decide to read a new testament letter every morning, so far I have been successful.
  • And why is it always when you go to brain dump stuff, you get a few things out and then forget, or can’t work out how to word everything else you wanted to post? I will keep editing this as more things come to me.