2013 – The Year of Adventure

2013 has been great. It’s been a year of fantastic fun, growth and personal achievement.

At the start of 2013 I laid out some goals for the year, they were:

  • Complete my PhD
    • Achieved!
    • I submitted on November 20.
  • Get a real job
    • Not completely achieved, I’m freelancing at the moment.
  • Learn German
    • I did far better at this than in 2012. I am still very much a beginner, but I am learning.
    • Duolingo has been great for this.
  • Summit Mt Kosciusko
    • Once again this goal was elusive.
  • Publish a paper and a journal article
    • I published two papers.
  • Go on a holiday for at least a week without internet access
    • I didn’t end up away for a whole week without internet, but there were a few weekends of digital silence.

An additional personal achievement was reading 12 books over the year – four histories, three science, three theology, and two novels.

There are also a number of highlights from throughout the year:

January – went to Freshwater Beach, Symphony in the Domain, and spent Australia Day with my parents who were visiting Sydney.

Freshwater Beach
Freshwater Beach

February – spent a few weeks in Auckland visiting family and friends, attended a lecture by a director of NASA JPL on the Mars rover.

March – went to the opening game of the NRL season at the Sydney Football Stadium, went to the Top Gear Festival at Eastern Creek, and went away to the Central Coast for a weekend.

NRL at the SFS
NRL at the SFS

April – spent a day going up many tracks in the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.

Maydid a proper hike for the first time in over year, saw a snake, and destroyed my hiking boots! I also went to Vivid Sydney.

Vivid Sydney 2013
Vivid Sydney 2013

June – went up to Ku-ring-gai for the third time in as many months, this time with my parents.

Julyhiked the Coast Track over two days in the Royal National Park with two great friends, and saw another snake. I also did the bay run for the first time and went up to the Central Coast for another weekend away.

Hiking in darkness
Hiking in darkness

Augustexplored Bouddi National Park.

September – went to Germany, Paris, and London over three weeks.


October – went to the International Fleet Review, the Bathurst 1000, and Sculpture by the Sea

November – completed my PhD! I also went down to Marley Beach in the Royal National Park with a mate, and spent the last week in Auckland.

Manukau Harbour
Manukau Harbour

December – attended a conference in Dunedin, New Zealand. Went to the Blue Mountains for Christmas and did a random road trip to The Entrance and Norah Head.

It isn’t until you do lists like this that you realise just how great life is and the opportunities one has living in Sydney. I’ll post my 2014 goals in the coming days.

The Entrance
The Entrance