New Zealand Politics and Dirty Politics

The more that I’ve lived away from NZ the less I’ve cared about the day-to-day political scandals – also the less I’ve been involved in student politics has also contributed to this.

However, the release of Nicky Hager’s latest book, Dirty Politics, has really opened up how personal and petty NZ politics can be.

The Dim-Post has a good summary of the key issues here.

My main issues with the behaviour it has uncovered are:

  • the hacking/stealing of data from Labour party computers
  • the smears against scientists orchestrated by big tobacco PR
  • the relationship between government ministers and staff and right-wing blogs.

The NZ General Election is four weeks away. The dirt that this book has dug up could have an influence on the outcome of it. I don’t think National will lose, but their sleep walking to victory has become a lot less easy.