2018 – The Year of Personal Development

2018 has been a great year. I left academia, started working in the financial industry, set up a new apartment, and celebrated good times with friends.

I have also posted very few blog posts (only 4!), I’m well over a year behind in editing photos from trips. However, life has been busy and I’m being slightly more restrained in what I chose to post online.

Some of the highlights from the year are shown below.

In terms of goals for the year, I set myself three all of which I almost achieved.

Pay off student loan

I’m weeks away from having the full balanced paid off. Does 92% of the way there count?

Travel to Europe, in particular, Romania

I went to Europe! Only not Romania, but instead the UK, Germany and Portugal.

Read 12 books

I read 10. Which is the least in a number of years. But life has been busy with lots of other activities.