Green Party Billboards

Yesterday the Green Party launched its billboards for the upcoming election. I particularly like this one:

The problem however is that New Zealand is not on the centre of the earth. It must be!

So in setting out on resolving this problem I decided to be inclusive of all and therefore put the entire globe, spinning behind it. And viola!

JOGL Rocks!

For the past few weeks I have been thinking seriously about heading back to uni to complete my honours degree.

Currently some of the team in Computer Science at Massey have been playing with JOGL.

I had a look at it the other day but didn’t get very far. Well tonight I decided to really get my hands dirty.

And it rocks! Im currently seeing if I can convert my traffic simulator to JOGL.

Will keep this blog posted on updates.


Don’t you just love it when nerds realise they don’t know they are nerds

Mr Burns – Fraudulent News (1522), The Simspons

Science Millionaire

While I was bored an browsing the Internet I came across a science version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

The first time I played I got to $32,000 and dropped out on the $64,000 question by not thinking out the question right. Perimeter is the sums of the sides not just the length of one side! doh!

My second time around was even worse dropping out on the second question after I couldn’t remember how many continents there are. I got six because I was confused if North and South America was one or two continents.

My third time around I cracked the 1 Million. Got through reasonably easily until the final question where I made sure I used all my lifelines to be absolutely correct. All in all a lot of fun. Give it a try.

What to do when you are bored.

Go for a walk!

I was bored and had no one else to go with so I headed up to Okura Bush this afternoon. After driving down the road it became apparent that there was something on so I decided to turn around and do the Long Bay to Okura River walk that is only a few ks down the road instead.

According to the ARC website the Long Bay to Okura River walkway is meant to be 6km and 3 hours return. Well I did the first 3km to the Okura River in 40 minutes. The good thing about having no one else with me meant that I could fly. I was literally running at a slow jog a bit of the way. I also picked at awesome day to go. On the way to Long Bay it looked like it could rain but instead once I got to the Okura River it actually became amazingly fine. The tide was also out so you could walk out along parts of the mud flats to get some awesome photos.


I am on cloud nine (to steal a commonly used quote from my GF).

I got informed today that for one of my papers last semester I scored 100%. In other words, 15/15 for Assignment One, 15/15 for Assignment Two, 70/70 for the Exam.

I am only the second person ever in the history of the paper to do this.

Now I just have to find a way to celebrate.