What to do when you are bored.

Go for a walk!

I was bored and had no one else to go with so I headed up to Okura Bush this afternoon. After driving down the road it became apparent that there was something on so I decided to turn around and do the Long Bay to Okura River walk that is only a few ks down the road instead.

According to the ARC website the Long Bay to Okura River walkway is meant to be 6km and 3 hours return. Well I did the first 3km to the Okura River in 40 minutes. The good thing about having no one else with me meant that I could fly. I was literally running at a slow jog a bit of the way. I also picked at awesome day to go. On the way to Long Bay it looked like it could rain but instead once I got to the Okura River it actually became amazingly fine. The tide was also out so you could walk out along parts of the mud flats to get some awesome photos.

Being Yourself

I was asked by a fellow student President today about what defines me.

Well my immediate response was:

  • Computers/Programming
  • Tramping
  • Church

I was then asked how much of that I was doing this year given how busy I was.

My response was very muted because all three have been essentially zero. I have started on a computer science project but haven’t touched it in about two months. I have been tramping twice but that is it all my outdoors exercise this year. And church, well I have been twice, I have been to youth group three times as well but given that a quarter of the year has gone by I have not done much of the things that define me.

I was just reading something someone else I know had written, it was a list of goals. The only problem I noticed with this list of goals was that the majority of them actually had nothing to do with the definition of this person and instead were most of the things that this person’s friends define themselves through. So that made me think. Should we be defining ourselves in who we are or who we could pretend to be by copying the acts of others?

I don’t think we would achieve much more then heartache by trying to take the defining aspects of others and stuff them into our lives. Because at the end of the day we are all unique and all different. If we were all the same we would be boring!

Now I am not saying that we should not have goals and not have role models. However, what I am saying is our goals should be what we can achieve and our role models should be people that we want to be like; not clone.

Life. It is a celebration of diversity not of similarity.

More Photos From The Top Of The North Island

Just got some more photos taken by other people who also summited Ruapehu a few weeks ago.


This is the group of us at the start of the day.


This is about an hour in. That hill in front of us will only take about another hour to get up. And then what you can’t see is on the left the next bit that is that high again.


People so small. Rocks, Cliff so large. This is nearing the top of the valley that is in the above photo.



Just a stroll up a hill.


Party at the top. Pun intended.




Walking across the Ash Field.


Going down with the weather packing into the valley below. See all the ash between the rocks. This made the descent extremely difficult triple checking footing.


It is only a little bit further to the bottom.


Weather getting nice and dark near Knoll Ridge (top of Whakapapa Ski Field) an hour from the bottom.

On top of the world. Well the North Island world.


Well this is me at the Dome 2672m above sea level on the top of Mount Ruapehu. Behind me is the Crater Lake and behind that is Tahurangi at 2797m which is the true summit of Ruapehu (but noone ever climbs it).

This is the second time that I have summited Rupaheu the first time was in January 2004 and the two main differences between this time and last time was the lack of snow. WE HAD NONE. Not even on the summit. Last time we had snow all the way from the top of Knoll Ridge at the top of the Whakapapa Ski Field. The second difference was the amount of ash on the mountain which made the climb and descent very hard because you had to be so careful not to slip. Oh and the minor third difference was this time we got a headstart by using the chairlifts which save you 400m of climbing and 3+ hours of tramping.


This is part of the party on the summit. 12 people went from Massey Albany.


This is some of our party and a whole lot of other people at the Dome using the Dome Shelter as a wind break to stop the wind. The air temp was quite warm (a few degrees above 0) but the wind was very cold, strong and icy when it got you.



This is the Dome Shelter with the very clear warning on it about not using it unless in emergency. Something that two climbers didn’t adhere to last year and almost paid with their lives because of it when the mountain did decide to make an emergency and erupt.


This is the Crater Lake which of course is the active vent of Ruapehu and causes all the eruptions.



These two photos show the damage that is caused when the Crater Lake gets too full and a Lahar occurs.


This is Te Heuheu (2732m) with the Summit Plateau in front. On our descent we cross the Plateau and came down over the Te Hehehu Ridge which is to the left. The Plateau was full of ash that sometimes you went ankle to knee deep in.



These are groups of people walking along the Dome Ridge to the Dome.


On top of the world. Looking South. You can normally see south to Taihape, Bulls, Palmerston North etc. Of course only when there are no clouds. But look at our height above the clouds.


Looking North. You can again normally see almost to Hamilton.


Looking down the Whangaehu Glacer. This is where the Lahars generally run. You can see the Dessert Road and the Army Training Grounds beyond that.

New Year, New Website

I have just rolled out a complete overhaul of my website.

The changes in summary:


  • Blog comments are back – provided I don’t get too much spam they will stay.
  • Java Web Start for software section
  • Text versions of many articles


  • About me page
  • Articles portfolio
  • Website portfolio
  • Software portfolio
  • Photos


  • Homepage – Replaced with blog
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Links – Blogroll will be its replacement
  • Other stuff I can’t remember


I am on cloud nine (to steal a commonly used quote from my GF).

I got informed today that for one of my papers last semester I scored 100%. In other words, 15/15 for Assignment One, 15/15 for Assignment Two, 70/70 for the Exam.

I am only the second person ever in the history of the paper to do this.

Now I just have to find a way to celebrate.