Western Europe 2018 Trip – Part Four: Berlin

Following almost a week in the UK it was time to move onto Continental Europe, with the first stop being Berlin.

After waiting for my friend’s very late arriving connecting flight we headed to our accommodation, a spot of shopping along Kurfürstendamm and a late night walk around the Brandenburg Gate.

The following morning, I met up with another friend to explore Schloss Charlottenburg, where we found the “new wing” to be the best part of the tour.

The afternoon, was then spent doing a rapid tour through the Tiergarten, East Side Gallery, Alexanderplatz and the Mall of Berlin

Finally, after a packed day and a half, and a currywurst in hand, it was time to jump on the train to our next destination.

Central Europe Adventures 2016 – Part Sixteen: An Additional Day in Berlin

On the morning that I was due to leave Berlin I decided to stay an extra day. Although I had been in Berlin for three nights, I had only spent one afternoon in Berlin proper as I had been ill almost all the rest of my time there.

I began the day by meeting up with a friend who had studied in Sydney for a number of years. We went for a walk along the runway of Tempelhof Feld – an airport that has now been turned into parkland – and the surrounding suburbs.

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Deutscher Trip 2015 – Part Eight: A Tourist and a Local in Berlin

Normally I can see the majority of a large city in two days. On my third day in Berlin I still had a huge list of things I still wanted to see. Joining me for the day was one of my friends from Potsdam who grew up in Berlin.

We began the day with Breakfast at the Hauptbahnhof and planned out a rough traverse through the city. Our first stop was the Reichstag which is a short walk from the Hauptbahnhof. As we were craming a lot into the day we didn’t go inside and instead continued to walk along to the Brandenburg Gate. Before arriving at the gate we took a small detour to visit the Soviet War Memorial in the Tiergarten whose green tanks by the side of the road grabbed your attention as they looked out of place in the present time.

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Deutscher Trip 2015 – Part Six: Exploring Berlin Mitte

I was so amazed by Leipzig (see my previous post) that I was over half a day late travelling to Berlin.

After arriving and checking into my hotel I went and explored the city during the early evening. In my travel notes I have written that I found Berlin “interesting” – in fact I have so many photos and places I visited that I am going to do three posts about Berlin.

I stayed in a small hotel in Mitte which is right in the heart of the former Soviet controlled area. The hotel building I stayed in was over 100 years old and the hotel itself was run by the local church city mission.

The first place I visited in Berlin was the Berlin Wall Memorial. The remains of the wall are both impressive and sad. I simply don’t understand who decides to build a wall through the middle of a city, especially a city like Berlin that suffered so much through the Second World War.

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