Happy 2017 – Sydney Fireworks from the Harbour

I was extremely fortunate to spend this New Year’s Eve on a friend’s parent’s yacht anchored in Farm Cove. This is about as close to the fireworks as you can get and my first time viewing the New Years fireworks from a boat.

The first few hours were spent waiting for the 9pm Family Fireworks and as usual they didn’t disappoint but were merely a teaser of what was to come at midnight.


Midnight then came with the bridge and then the harbour lighting up.

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Happy 2014 – fireworks from Sydney

Happy New Year!

Midnight Fireworks

Once again I spent New Years Eve on Sydney Harbour.

This year we didn’t have tickets to any special areas, so we arrived at Bradfield Park, Milsons Point at 1.30pm and spent the afternoon basking in the beautiful sunny Sydney summer afternoon.

Getting to the harbour as early as we did scored us a seat right on the harbour’s edge, which gave great angles for photos.

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Photos: Happy 2013 New Years Fireworks from Sydney

Gaming in the new year

Okay, last night most people were probably out welcoming in the new year.

Because I was working yesterday and today (don’t you just love retail) I decided to take an easy night and not worry about new years.

The plan was simple. Go to bed early (say 10ish) and if I woke early enough get up and check out the sunrise.

Well that didn’t exactly happen. Instead at around 7.30ish I started playing Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts. And boy oh boy is it addictive.

My 10pm bedtime turned into 12.45pmish at the earliest. Yup I gamed right through new years didn’t hear the neighbours, fireworks or anything.

But I don’t care. I did what I was enjoying and it was relaxing. And that is what I plan to do this year.

You see this year I’m not really creating new years resolutions or goals or anything.

I have one goal, one resolution, one purpose this year, one and only one.

That is achieving First Class Honours.

Now this is a massive goal. But this is my whole focus for the year.

So how do I achieve this goal?

Well everything in my life pretty much needs to help me achieve this. Anything that doesn’t should probably be cut out.

What I have thought about so far is this:

  • Putting myself first. 2008 was about putting others first, serving the community through ASA etc, this year it is about me being selfish. Me being me. Me doing the best for me, because this year will determine how much further my academic carreer goes. You see first class honours leads to PhD anything less and im looking for a job.
  • Being healthy. This isn’t just in the physical. This is across the board including mental, financial and spiritual. I need to be of sound mind and mentality. I need to remain focused and positive. I need to remain in constant and consistent employment that will give me the dosh I need to survive on but not overwork me or over stress me. And spiritual like mental needs to be balanced and positive.
  • Planning. I am reasonably good with planning. But one thing I was thinking about before was sometimes I over plan and under deliver. I need to reach the balance where instead of planning I start doing but at the same time not rush into things. I think if I plan to plan then I have already gone to far with preparation and not enough action.

More to come…