Site is now on AWS

I’m in the process of migrating the hosting of this site across to AWS.

So far everything is going smoothly, except for one of the domain alias which redirects here.

Previous and Next Month Links in Archives

It has just taken me around an hour to try and insert some previous and next month navigation links to the blog monthly archives. It seems that WordPress doesn’t have any real native support for this time of navigation which is odd.

Anyway the code below is my very hacky version of how to do it. I placed this in my theme’s archive.php file

<?php //twentyeleven_content_nav( 'nav-above' ); ?>
<nav id="nav-above" style="display:inline">
$archive_year = get_the_time('Y');
$archive_month = get_the_time('m');
$archive_month = $archive_month - 1;
if ($archive_month == 0) {
$archive_month = 12;
$archive_month_next = $archive_month + 2;
$archive_year_next = $archive_year;
if ($archive_month_next > 12) {
$archive_month_next %= 12;
echo '<a href="' . get_month_link( $archive_year, $archive_month) . '">Previous Month</a>';
if ($archive_year_next.sprintf('%02d', $archive_month_next) < = date('Y', strtotime("now")).date('m', strtotime("now"))) { echo '<a href="' . get_month_link( $archive_year_next, $archive_month_next) . '" style="float:right">Next Month</a>'; } ?> </nav>

Site Meter Rewriting Links on WordPress Sites

This afternoon I discovered that a number of relative links on this site were being redirected through

At first I thought that this site may have been compromised. It hasn’t. After a quick Google search it turns out that the Site Meter tracking code has been changed and now silently rewrites links.

Fortunately for me I haven’t noticed any of these links inserting or redirecting people to ad sites, but there are stories online that suggest these actions may have happened.

The way in which this script has changed is really inappropriate and annoying. The offending script has now been removed from this site.

2014 Annual Blog Statistics

These are some statistics from Google Analytics, the figures from 2013 are in brackets.

Overall in 2014 there was a very slight increase in the number of unique visitors (2.2%), however falls in the total number of visits (1.0%) and page views (3.6%).


  • Visits: 9,363 (9,458)
  • Unique Visitors: 8,818 (8,626)
  • Page Views: 12,157 (12,609)

Visitors from came from 146 Countries. The United States replaced Australia with the most visitors, with Australia falling to fourth place behind New Zealand and the United Kingdom. 67.9% of all visits came from AUS/USA/NZ/UK up almost 4% from 2013.  Continue reading “2014 Annual Blog Statistics”

Minor Blog Updates

Over the past week I’ve made some minor changes to the blog.

These are:

  • Brought a fourth domain which points to this site,, the other domain names are:, and
  • Changed the display of galleries inside posts
  • Made some minor CSS changes to fonts and sizes
  • Updated the research page
  • Skimmed over all 600+ blog posts from the past nine years and fixing any backward compatibility problems – mainly in the display of galleries and content summaries.
  • Noted that I am blogging so much less than I used to. The combined total of all posts so far this year is fewer than the number of posts I previously did in a month.

2013 Annual Blog Statistics

These are some stats from Google Analytics, the figures from 2012 are in brackets.

Overall in 2013 there were about 5,000 fewer visits, from 4,700 fewer visitors than in 2012. This is the third year in a row of declining visitor numbers. However, this continues to be correlated to the reduction of posts to this blog – and the change in focus to more personal adventure than just random commentary.


  • Visits: 9,458 (14,714)
  • Unique Visitors: 8,626 (13,371)
  • Page Views: 12,609 (24,504)

Visitors from came from 165 Countries. Australia, United States, New Zealand continue to hold the top three visitor locations. 64.3% of all visits came from Aus/USA/NZ/UK down 1% from 2012. Continue reading “2013 Annual Blog Statistics”

2012 Annual Blog Statistics

These are some stats from Google Analytics, the figures from 2011 are in brackets.

Overall in 2012 there were about 2,500 fewer visits, from 1,900 fewer visitors than in 2011. This is also off the back of a similar decline in the year before. However, during the last two years there has been a large reduction in the quantity of posts to the site.


  • Visits: 14,714 (17,175)
  • Unique Visitors: 13,371 (15,313)
  • Page Views: 24,504 (26,609)

Continue reading “2012 Annual Blog Statistics”

2011 Annual Blog Statistics

These are some stats from Google Analytics, the figures from 2010 are in brackets.

Overall there were about 2,500 fewer visits, from 1,700 fewer visitors. This is probably a result of me blogging less and the content of the blogs I did post were focused more on personal adventures than in previous years.

I am still very pleased that a website that was started in 2005 as a bit of computer geek vanity is 7 years later generating visits from all corners of the globe.

Most Popular Visitor Origins

Visits: 17,175 (19,774)
Unique Visitors: 15,313 (17,081)
Page Views: 26,609 (28,822)

Visitors from 174 Countries
New Zealand 21.6%
United States 15.9%
Australia 15.5%
United Kingdom 4.3%
India 2.9%
Canada 2.7%
Germany 2.5%
France 2.5%
Spain 2.0%
Brazil 1.8%

Visitors from 4,576 Cities
Auckland 12.5%
Sydney 9.3%
Wellington 2.4%
Melbourne 2.4%
Christchurch 1.9%
Brisbane 1.4%
Perth 0.9%
Hamilton 0.9%

Firefox 43.46%
Internet Explorer 23.9%
Chrome 22.1%
Safari 7.2%
Opera 1.5%

Operating System
Windows 66.0%
Linux 22.0%
Mac 9.5%
iPad 1.3%
Android 0.1%

N.B. I suspect that the mobile version of the site is not being represented in these statistics.

Five years of

Today marks five years to the day since I launched this site. A year ago I blogged some stats and pictures from prior versions of the site.

Below are the updated versions of the graphs from that post with data collected in the last year, the large drop off in visits in the middle of last year was due to a change in servers and the stats reporting software which filter out bots and other non human source of traffic from the stats.

During the last five years this site has served as an outlet of fun, anger, opinion and pure geekness.

In total over the last 1,826 days of operation there have been 203,869 visitors accessing 670,871 pages. Sure that may not be earth shattering stats compared to many other blogs or websites but as a website I set up as an experiment in my spare time while at university it is stats that are far beyond anything I expected. So today I say thank you to my readers of my random rants.

April Blog Stats

Despite being incredibly busy during April and having little time to write many posts the number of visitors remained very strong.

Raw Visits: 5993 (down 2% on March)

Raw Page Views: 17642 (up 1.5%)

Google Analytics Visitor Count: 2184 (down 3.5%)

Google Analytics Page Views Count: 2935 (down 11%)

RSS Feed Views: 4009 (up 44%)

Estimated true number of visitors (Google Visitor Count + RSS Feed): 6193 (up 23%)

It is very difficult to extract all the robots polluting my data especially around reading the RSS feed. Looking at the figures my best bet is I am getting around 3,500 true visitors to my site through both directly loading the site and RSS. At the moment close to half my data each month is being spent on identified robots some of which I may start to block if they continue to consume too much data.